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WHAT IS PHILLYSCHOOLCHOICE.COM? is an effort to bring together groups of parents and taxpayers who believe that school choice should be a reality for all families in Philadelphia.  Our mission is not to advocate for passage of a particular law or policy change, but rather to build a coalition of like-minded supporters who believe it’s time to move beyond a one-size-fits-all model of public education.

Whether it’s a traditional district school, magnet school, public charter, cyber charter, or private school, parents should be supported in their choices for whatever form of education best suits the needs of individual students. Tuition money should follow the child to the educational institution favored by families.

When families are empowered, rather than bureaucracies, students benefit.

If you agree, please join our coalition.  The children of Philadelphia deserve nothing less.

David P. Hardy

David P. Hardy


Choice Media has selected David P. Hardy, CEO of Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School as the Spokesman for  In 2005, he had the vision of starting an all-boys charter school to address the unique academic and social needs of urban boys.  Two years later, his vision became a reality when Boys’ Latin welcomed its inaugural class. In the most recent data for the high school class of 2013, 84% of Boys Latin students had enrolled in college — the highest rate of any open enrollment high school in Philadelphia.  David Hardy is a knowledgeable and experienced educator who believes that schools should exist to serve families, not the other way around.


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