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The Philadelphia School District’s charter school office is too small to oversee the 83 charter schools in the city, state Auditor General Eugene A. DePasquale said in a report released Tuesday morning.

“By failing to have sufficient staffing and resources to adequately perform and document routine oversight measures, the district is unable to verify the validity of hundreds of millions of dollars it is paying to charter schools in tuition payments,” DePasquale wrote in the performance audit.

During a briefing at the district’s headquarters Tuesday, DePasquale said most of the problems the district faces in managing charter schools stem from weaknesses in the state’s 1997 charter law, which he said provides insufficient oversight requirements and allows poorly performing schools to operate for years.

“If there’s one thing that needs to come out of this audit report,” he said, “it is that Pennsylvania must reform its charter school law.” He called it “simply the worst charter school law in the United States.”

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