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Teachers and representatives of the Highlands School District negotiated into the night Tuesday in an effort to agree on a contract and head off a strike, but the effort was for naught.

The school district announced on its website that schools would be closed today because of what it called a teacher work stoppage. The teachers union — the Highlands Education Association — set up picket lines this morning. The district said the strike could last up to 10 days, although the union said that number would likely fall between 6-8 days.

On Tuesday night, a negotiating session at the Highlands Administration Center in Harrison broke down, triggering the strike by the union. “It went on for about five hours, and between 8:30 and 9:30 the association gave the district a proposal and the district walked out,” said Matt Edgell, region advocacy coordinator for the Pennsylvania State Education Association.

Randall Rybak, president of the 191-member union, called the strike “a last resort,” but it may have been anticipated.

For more information, see The Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

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